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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hey guys! :) I've transferred to Weebly. :)

Here's the link: http://kristenramos.weebly.com


Kristen Coffee Talk at 9:20 AM

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Good bye 2010! Hello 2011!


This is a goodbye to 2010.....that has been a great year!:) Admist the obstacles and loss of loved ones, nakaya naming family....

we'll miss you lola ipay, tito adolf, happy...lola nena....all who were gone...and in heaven right now.. :)

Thank you..:)

For the people i love who are still alive and kicking...hahaha.....i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!:)
Let's make this year memorable!:)

2011. :) Start the year right...

Oh, i'm saying goodbye to blogging here.... i'll make full use of my planner now. ;) hehe... and literally WRITE and do it in private.:)

Goodbye blogspot.:D muah.:)

Kristen Coffee Talk at 11:25 AM

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

muni muni.:)

Kristen Coffee Talk at 6:17 PM

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Now here's something to inspire you.

I learned this from our household last tuesday.

What if you get what you always dreamed of? Like passing the college entrance exams and getting into your dream school... or landing on a job you really love.

Dba if we finally get it, sobraaang tuwa..sobraaang excited..and nasa feeling tayo na 'Lord thank you. This is it. I'm gonna make the most out of it.'

Then after a while, when we get used to it, nawawala na yung moment na yun. We get tired, tamad and parang ayaw mo na.

That's when God makes us realize na 'Why are you there? I thought you were excited and will make the most out of it?'...

It's normal for people to get tired and to keep searching for something new everyday...but we must also realize that getting what we want or having our wishes come true requires responsibility, too. :)

Keep remembering the time that you got it in your hands.:) Get excited all over again, be thankful and yes, make the most out of it. =)

Kristen Coffee Talk at 10:23 AM

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy trip!:)

Tita Connie!:) Happy trip!!!:) muah!

Suddenly, i'm ending this night with searching senti songs (plus singing along!) haha. emo.

"I don't want to fall JUST YET...i'm scared you might just fall for me, too..."

Who was i? aww..ngayon ko lang toh napakinggan...^_^ nice.

Kristen Coffee Talk at 9:24 PM


jen, me, ich, ate mec, mami, ivy :D sa apartment ni ivy:)

waaaaaaaaah:D love love!

wah namiss ko kayoooo:) nice seeing you mich,jen,naomi,ate mec,mami,james,uwis,paeng and ivy! :D

ivy, thanks for the spaghetti!:) yummy!

Grabe, before i went to meet with ate mec in ministop p. noval, i stopped by the cr..e sarado sa church so sa main building na lang... i got the chance to walk thru ust again.:) hayy. kakamiss talaga!:) can't wait for paskuhan!

Kristen Coffee Talk at 12:06 AM

Thursday, November 04, 2010


blog reconstruction.

Some posts are sent to drafts.


Blog leave muna :D

Kristen Coffee Talk at 11:39 AM

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowing Halloween

Now here's something from the Daily Bread.. seeing the other side of Halloween.:)

The word "Hallow" isn't used much anymore, and when it is, the uses have a broad range of meaning, Christians used the word when we say the Lord's prayer, as in "Hallowed be Thy name". Often the word is associated with the last day of October, which we refer to as Halloween, a shortened form of All Hallow's Eve.

In the scripture, the word hallow is a synonym for the word sanctify. When we hallow or sanctify something, we set it apart as being holy.

The name of God is not the only thing we are to hallow. We too are to be hallowed. Paul urged Timothy to be a vessel sanctified and useful for God by pursuing "righteousness, faith, and peace with those who call on the Lord out of pure heart" and by avoiding "foolish, and ignorant disputes, knowing they generate 'strife'."

On this last day, children will be carrying bags filled with sweets. Thinking of them can remind us to ask: "What is filling the vessel of my life? Is it a bitter attitude that leads to foolish disputes and strife; or is it a sweet spirit that leads to righteousness, faith, love and peace?"

We can hallow today, and everyday, by setting ourselves apart for God to be used by Him.

-Julie Ackerman


Kristen Coffee Talk at 11:54 AM

Thank you letters :)


Regarding work, the past week has been tremendously tiring and busy. :O Well, the positive side is it means that Adfolio is operating very well! :) I would like to take this opportunity to thank you... to mam Lors, for always guiding us and being SOOO generous (oo kelangan may SOOO talaga:P) i
m always looking forward to stat meetings kasi di lang dahil sa starbucks at food(HAHA.) pero dahl din sa quiz at games hahaha. deh, stat meetings are the perfect starters to realize what you have done, been doing, and will be doing.;), to Talits for always being patient, good adviser and sha ang pinakamatibay sa walang-tulugan! proofing at its best hahaha! To kuya Jas, for being the creative head (literal na creative head talaga kasama na ang "Humor"!) salamat din sa pagsundo samin pag may shoot and for the warm welcome to your home.;D next stop: Graphik studios! To Ate Dhona, my sissy, thanks for being supportive at madaldal. hehehe. deh, the pressure is all good. :) Thanks for being nice, nakakatawa at magaling ka magexplain ng mga bagay bagay. To Joyce, my partner! hehe thanks for everything."you're so smuhrt!" hehe. i know you're really working hard at salamat sa pagbibigay ng motivation sakin to work well. You're a good AE.:) "you're so smuhrt" haha To Kuya Junie, the ice breaker, lagi na lang ako natatawa...hehe...thanks sa mga advices regarding sa design and everything (pati na rin salove life haha), To Thann, thanks for being super nice at sa mga advices din..haha alam mo...kruk kruk. hehe! Stay positive and astig! To Nes, for being nice at ang pinakamasipaag woot woot! haha salamat din for "the advice" hehehe!:) To Madz, for being super nakakatawa haha....panalo kaaaa. at pagbibigay ng reinbursment haha.:) sipag din!! i can't imagine kung pano maaayos yung lahat ng transaction papers! haha. and you're the only one who can do it!:D To Kuya Val, boy bastos 3 points! haha...thanks for being our 'funny dad' o yan a dad! hehe batang bata pa!:D haha...thanks for lighting up everyone's mood with your green hirits (HAHA!) and for making sure adfolio is supplied with enough equipments. :)To Glenn, for being back on track!!! Salamat din sa mga advices regarding sa work at lovelife! hahaha!:)) To Ate AJ, and the baby..hehehe! Thanks for the advices din and being friendly at pagtanggol sakin kay kuya junie; hehehehe!! To Kuya Nicky, for making sure the office is clean (lagi ko naaabutan naglilinis sa morning :D) and the deliverables are sent asap! To Ate May, thanks sa lahat, for the sharings, quotes pag morning, sa advices at sa pagsupport sa Ten Tee!:D at di ka naman talaga masama. hahahah! To Kuya Ian, for making sure din that our work are delivered! :D To Kuya Noy, my lloydie! haha! You are the one! hahaha. sipaaag at galing galing dumiskarte yebah!!:) To Ate Honey, for the GOOD FOOD!!! woohoo without it, we're dead.:D haha. To Kuya Gerry a.k.a. Papa Gerry! hahaha salamat sa matinding advice ala papa jack! hahaha at paghatid samin everywhere!!!:)

Thanks Team Adfolio!:) Keep rollin'!


Thank you to my family!!!:) Undas is a one of my favorite pang-bonding-with-family moments... haii.. went 'celebrating' undas yesterday..... to Lola Nena, Lola Ipay, tito Adolf and Happy.... you'll always be remembered. ^_^ love youu


to my friends....(u know who you are) wahh lalo na yung the ones whom i shared my 'unforgettable' moment haha..:)) ako na matapang. ^.^

sa prendzip and ad2... wah...sorry sorry sa mga di ko napupuntahang events :( hayy. sa Christmas talaga!!!:)

to einstein. (u know who you are! haha!) salamat. :)


to SFC!:) sobrang wonderful Lord's Day last night!:) CONGRATULATIONS!:) God is good!
sobrang sobrang thank you sa inyong lahat. ^_^ lalo na sa HH ko:D hehe...sobrang pang wala ng stress. :D



Kristen Coffee Talk at 10:17 AM

Sunday, October 24, 2010

fruity froyo!

my latest addiction: Fruity Froyo. haha.:P~

Kristen Coffee Talk at 7:27 PM

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Than You'll Ever Know. :)

Kristen Coffee Talk at 10:56 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time to add the SAINT word:)

Today, Blessed Mo. Candida becomes a saint!:D

Unfortunately, i wasn't there to witness the actual canonization of Mo. Candida. :( hehe in spirit na lang. ;) Sabi nila... it's best to make that special wish! :) lalo na f0r a freshly canonized saint. :P hehe at fresh talaga ang ginamit na word.:P nyaha. ;)

Anywoo, i miss MANRESA!:) I learned a LOT from here... not only academically, but also spiritually. :) Iba ang spiritual and character growth mo pag sa manre ka. :) naks!

uy...si st candida napapasmile.:P haha!

And shempre, it's where i met the people i know i'll treasure for the rest of my life. :)


Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, thank you. ;)

Kristen Coffee Talk at 8:12 PM

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa!

For all the good times and the bad...you have stood by each other through thick and thin...and you became the parents any child would love to have. :)

HAPPY 26th ANNIVERSARY mom and dad!!!:) we love you!!!:) Keep the love burning!:D

Kristen Coffee Talk at 10:32 PM

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


sick today. ^.^

will get better tomorrow. woo.:D

Kristen Coffee Talk at 10:50 AM

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Thank God it's Saturday.:)

Looking at the bright side... Tito Adolf goes to heaven today. :) "Ganon! oh c'mon!" hehe. You'll surely be missed, Tito.:) Say hello to God for us!

After the internment, i treated ate nikka for lunch at Flaming Wings!:D haha first time! (oo sige na. ako na ang late. sa tagal tagal nya sa BF, ngayon ko lang natry.)

Favorite ko na!:D we ordered the Original and Bbq Wings...plus mayo and ranch dips. :P~
and finally tried their Wicked Oreos..yum yum yum! :P~ pang comfort food!

Hayy..there will surely be a next time!:D

date with ate nikka;)

WICKED OREOS! truly wicked!:D love love!


After, Cafe SFC Baptism naman at St Joseph Church. :) sobrang successful!:D

God is love.:)

Kristen Coffee Talk at 8:10 PM

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